嘿 布卢
Hey, Blue.
What you got there?
What you bringing us?
This is perfect for the yoga show.
It says love.
Hello everyone.
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
我是爱珺 这是布卢
I’m Adriene, and this is Blue.
Today we’re going to learn the famous downward-facing dog.
这个姿势好处很多哦 你可以在
It has a ton of benefits, and you will encounter it
in a public class.
总的来说 花点时间学这个体式
In general, it’s just great to spend some time with this
快坐到垫子上 一起学习下犬式吧
Hop on the mat and let’s learn downward-facing dog.
我们手脚着地 惊喜 手腕在
We’re going to begin on all fours; surprise: Wrists underneath the
肩部下方 膝盖在臀部正下方
shoulders, knees directly underneath the hips.
如果你有时间 也许一个小小的猫牛式热身是
If you have a moment, maybe a nice little warm-up of cat-cow would be
good here.
有相关的视频 大概这个位置有个盒子你可以点击
There’s a video for that, and you can click in the box somewhere
around this area and watch how to do cat-cow.
我已经做了几组猫牛式热身 但仅仅是针对
I’ve taken a couple cat-cows to warm up but just for the
事实上 我用小狗式准备下犬式
I’m actually going to prep my downward dog with puppy posture.
Get it?
Puppy grows into a dog.
Too many countless hours doing kids’ yoga with
对于小狗式 我把双肘放在刚才手腕放的地方
For puppy posture, I’m going to actually drop my elbows where my wrists are.
一个小小的标记就是 保持成为直线
Just in terms of alignment, that’s a good little marker.
当然 我还要注意一下手掌 也许
I’m, of course, going to be mindful of my palms, maybe
像在弹一个小钢琴 十指平放在地面上 即使是在准备的时候
playing a little piano, going all 10 fingerprints rooting; just sending
awareness from fingertips to toes, even as I prep.
那么从现在开始 我要把脖子伸长
Then from here, I’m going to create a long neck,
and then keeping my elbows and all 10 fingerprints where they are, I’m just
只是膝盖后退 脊柱成直线向下
going to simply walk my knees back, letting the spine fall in line and the
heart release towards the earth.
Forehead kisses the mat.
臀部仍然在膝盖上方 不过我肯定
My hips are still stacked above my knees, but I’m definitely
letting my pelvis rock up towards the sky.
用猫伸展式准备下犬式 猫伸展式是胸部贴向地面 的体式
Prepping for downward dog in Anahatasana, heart-to-earth pose.
我可以做几次呼吸 让心脏向地面下沉
I can take a couple breaths, just letting my heart sink to the ground.
有时候胳膊有些紧是没关系的 我觉得
Sometimes it’s nice if you have tight shoulder, which I feel like these
days we all have tight shoulders.
肩膀放松 远离耳朵 做一些
Just letting the shoulders relax away from the ears and taking some nice,
solid, smooth, deep breaths.
After a little time in this puppy posture, then we’ll begin to shift gears,
growing into downward dog.
我要吸气 让肩部离开
I’ll inhale, keeping my shoulders drawing away
双耳 轻轻地抬起头 用鼻子画一条优美的线条
from the ears, look up gently, drawing a nice sweet line with my nose,
注意 过渡时我的准备姿势是优雅
paying attention to the transition, prepping my posture with grace and with
I’m going to slowly walk my knees forward just a little bit,
curling my toes under.
在我的公开课上 这个环节我从不马虎
In my public classes, I do not waste this moment.
真是有趣又让人兴奋 所以我们不用急着进入下犬式
There’s this playful excitement, so rather than just blasting into downward
dog, I’m just taking the time to enjoy how I get into it.
然后 一个一个地 我抬起一只胳膊肘 另一只胳膊肘 一个膝盖 另一个膝盖
Then one by one, I’ll lift an elbow, an elbow, a knee, a knee.
我要进入核心内容了 好像有人在后面拉我的
I’m engaging my core, and then as if someone’s pulling me up from my
尾巴 我要用做小狗式时用到的动作
tail, I’m going to take that same action that I did in puppy posture and
逐渐变成脸朝下的下犬式 Adho Mukha(梵语,下犬式)并用脚踩地
grow it into downward-facing dog, Adho Mukha; pedaling the feet.
下面是一些动作要领 一起开始吧 手掌伸展开
Couple of action points, here we go: Spreading the palms nice and wide,
especially the area between my index finger and thumb.
如果你腕部力量不够 或者有一点
If you have weak wrists or if you’re feeling a little bit of
不喜欢用腕部支撑 那么按压食指和拇指中间
fussiness in the wrists, press into that area between the index finger and
对于大家来说 第一次可能会有些困难 但是Hasta Bandha
Everyone, at first this will be difficult for you, but Hasta Bandha,
双手支撑地面 我们必须用两个手掌均匀地按压
hand-to-earth; we have to press through all areas of the palm equally.
I’m going to grow that integrity all the way up to my shoulders.
我让肩膀远离耳朵旋转 然后轻柔地
I’m going to allow my shoulders to rotate away from the ears, and then gently
放松头部和颈部 从心脏到脚趾融为一体
relax the head and neck, melting my heart towards my toes.
直到我爱上这个体势 才真正爱上了瑜伽
I did not fall in love with yoga until I fell in love with this posture.
相信我吧 这需要花一些时间
Believe me; that took a little while.
It took a little practice.
My main loving tip for you is keep moving in this posture.
如果你像这样支撑着 诅咒着我的名字
If you’re holding like this, cursing my name, making
和爱珺一起做个瑜伽巫毒娃娃 那就没有意义了
a voodoo doll of Yoga with Adriene right now; there’s no point.
We want to pedal the feet.
We want to keep moving.
Keep the mind at ease.
Full with breath as I explore through this posture.
如果你静止不动 也许你想要放弃了
If you’re holding static, you’re probably going to give up
and you’re probably never going to watch a video again.
You’re probably never going to practice yoga again.
我们要通过一些方法找到美好的感觉 爱上这些姿势
We have to find ways to fall in love with the poses to find what feels good.
我的建议是伴随着呼吸运动 脚踩地面
My tip for that is movement with your breath, pedaling the feet.
如果脚后跟没有接触地面 有什么关系呢
If the heels don’t touch the earth, who cares?
Bend the knees generously.
肚子贴向大腿 打开双肩
Get that belly melting towards your thighs, opening the shoulders.
Shoulders have that sweet external rotation.
大腿顶端做的是反方向的旋转 相对于墙 它们分别向内
The tops of the thighs have the opposite rotation; they’re spiraling in and
和向外旋转 就我而言 是对后面的门
out towards the wall, or in my case, the door behind me.
Sometimes it’s nice to turn the two big toes in just to feel that spiral,
然后 向后蹬 双脚平行
and then pedaling it back out, feet parallel.
胸部贴向地面 头部和颈部放松
Long side body, heart melting to the earth, relaxed in the head and neck,
肩膀顶部离开耳朵 压向
tops of the shoulders drawing away from the ears, pressing into all areas
of the palm.
In time, the heels with grow down towards the earth.
时而把脚趾放在脚后跟上 再放下来 呼吸
Sometimes we take our toes to our heels; just drawing them down, melting the heart,
one at a time.
我吸气 呼气 交替着逐渐从这个姿势中出来
To come out of the pose, I inhale in and exhale; often will shift.
为进入其他姿势铺垫 或者
A little foreshadowing into another posture, or just
在呼气时 慢慢地变回四肢撑地 手掌在手腕
on an exhale, melting gently back to all fours, walking the palms underneath
下面 找到一个自然的桌面姿势
the wrists, just finding a natural tabletop position.
如果你是初学者 可以
Then if you’re a beginner, maybe bringing the
把两个大脚趾并在一起 打开双膝 身体向后合为一体
two big toes together, widening the knees, and melting it back into
变成延伸的婴儿式 我们也有视频的
extended child’s pose, which we also have a video for.
Click for that somewhere over here.
Then melting with a breath.
下犬式 事实上……你不会相信这个的
Downward-facing dog; it’s actually . . . you’re not going to believe this,
a resting posture.
When I tell my students that in public class, usually
there’s a big belly laugh.
我的主要建议是在做下犬式时 要感觉良好
My main tip is finding what feels good in downward-facing dog
because it’s such a famous pose.
我不知道你是否去过瑜伽气功课 在那里
I don’t know if I’ve been to a Hatha Yoga class yet where we don’t
practice downward dog.
Find what feels good.
Keep moving.
Don’t be static and still.
Save that exquisite stillness for Shavasana.
That was the famous downward-facing dog.
如果你是初学者 你完全可以用开放的心态
If you’re a beginner, this is a great posture to go in with an open mind,
open heart.
把精力放在寻找良好的感觉上 而不是
Just focus on finding what feels good rather than being stuck in
doing the posture perfectly.
这适用于所有人 无论是瑜伽初学者 还是有经验的瑜伽修行者
That goes for all of us; beginners and experienced yogis.
Please visit YogaWithAdriene.com to read more about this posture.
I’m going to talk about weight distribution a little
more in detail in the blog.
请进入我的博客阅读相关内容 试试这个体式吧
Please check out the blog and give the pose a try.
Let me know how it goes.
谢谢大家 Nameste(梵语,合十礼)
Thank you and Namaste.


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