You deserve better!
E T 你在说什么啊
ET, what you’re talking about?
Listen to me, listen to me very carefully.
You deserve…
你值得看到 如果你做到120%的努力
You deserve to see what your life would look like
if you gave 120%.
孩子 你听到我说的话了吗?
Are you hearing what I am telling you, baby?
Listen to me very closely, right?
You gotta get this.
这是你应得的 对吧?
You deserve, right?
You… You… You’ve been living 70%, 80%, we’ve been talking about it.
并且你期望能得到应得的收获 是不是?
And… And you’re looking at the results, the outcome, right?
种瓜得瓜 种豆得豆
You reap what you sow.
You’re looking at the outcome of somebody giving 70%.
Like every…everything, everything you have.
Everything you are.
你所做的一切 都只付出了78%的努力
Everything you doing, like is…is 78.
And what I need you to do is I need you to look at yourself in the mirror and say,
拜托 停下来 别再惶惶度日
Come on! Quit, stop playing.
I deserve to see what my life would look like.
If I gave 120% now.
好几年前 我在油管上讲述了一个故事 几年前
I told a story years ago and you two, years ago.
牛津大学的伯恩教授 我终生难忘
Dr. MayBank, Michigan State University, I never foget.
她讲了一个令我震惊的故事 是的
She told a story…blew my mind, right right right!
She took me back to kindergarten life,
and you gotta get this in your spirit.
She send the girl took me back to the kindergarten.
就像变戏法一样 对吧?
The Hokey Pokey, right?
当她讲述这个故事时 这个戏法就浮现在我脑海中
And so she told the story, the Hokey Pokey to blowing my mind.
好吧 我给你们讲一次
Right, and I’m telling it to you today.
Because that’s how important this story was.
That’s how salient it was.
它极具影响力 我也深受感动
Like it was impactful and moved me right?
And she said in… in kindergarten.
好吧 你们在幼儿园学到
Right, you learned in kindergarten that…
that you put you left foot out.
You put you left foot in, right?
再一次 你将左脚伸出去
You…You put again, you put you left foot out.
再将左脚放进去 并四处摇摆
You put your left foot in and you shake it all about
‘you do the Hokey Pokey!’, she said.
And you turn yourself around.
就是像这样 对吗?
That’s what it is all about, right?
And so she started breaking the song down,
然后她说 一旦你开始
and she said, first you start,
就将左脚伸出去 好吗?
you put that left out, right?
之后 你达到另一水平
And then you go to the next level
and you put that right out right?
然后她告诉你 伸出左臂
Yes, she said you put that left arm out right?
Right you know the song
然后你再伸出右臂 对吗?
then you go with that right on right?
然后她说 最后应该怎样怎样
And then she said, what what… what at the end right?
When When… When the comminates right?
她说 老师告诉你要全身心投入
She said that the teacher tells you to put your whole self in.
你做到了 做到了
You got it, You got it!
她要求你全身心地投入 对吧?
She said put your whole self in right?
Put your whole self out right?
And shake it all about.
你终将达成使命 完成一个完美的转身
You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That’s what it is all about!
And listen to me very closely.
I am telling you from personal experience.
我知道我投入55%的努力时 生活是什么样的
I know what my life was like when I put it in 55.
I know what it was like when I didn’t try.
I know what my life was like when I didn’t care.
I know what my life was like when I didn’t have any dreams or any goals.
就像我什么都不要 我知道我的生活是什么样的
Like… Like I didn’t want anything I know what my life was like.
现在 我付出120分的努力 乖乖
Now I’m putting in 120, baby.
看着 是120分的努力
l’m putting in 120, look at it.
全力以赴 让我的生活
I’m putting in 120 in my life is sweet.
My wife’s life
My kid’s life
母亲的生活 更精彩
My mom’s life
听我说 父亲
Listen to me my father
我在底特律自由出版社上班 而我父母
I am on the… I am in the Detroit free press and my parents…
my parents are proud.
Are you hearing me? When you put in 120,
not noly… it affects your life,
it affects your family’s life,
it affects your friends’ life,
and it affects your community’s life.
Are you hearing what I’m telling you?
So I need you to do me a huge favor.
是的 这回有点不同
Yep, this one is different.
This one is the call of action.
Alright I am put you on a 21-day challenge.
I am challenging you.
If you listen to me,
you ain’t brave enough to challenge yourself.
If you ain’t courage enough to challenge yourself
I’m challenging you.
I’m challenging you to get from where you are.
I’m challenging you to stop settling.
我要挑战你 质疑你!
I’m challenging you, I’m challenging you!
I’m challenging you to stop accepting the life that was given to you.
And I’m challenging you for 21 days.
I’m challenging you to give 120%.
Are you hearing me? I’m challenging you now.
And I want somebody at the end of this 21-day.
I need somebody to send me a video.
I need somebody to send me a video and show me.
ET 你说的是完全正确的
ET, you’re 100% right.
像我一样 21天里全身心投入
Like I put in 120% for 21 days.
不知疲惫 锲而不舍 百折不挠
I did not fatigue, I did not give up, I did not give it in!
你让我做什么 我就做什么
I did exactly what you told me to do it
然后 看吧 一切都有了转机
and look… boom… things changed.
比如 我的婚姻有所改观
Like my marriage changed.
My classroom changed.
作为篮球运动员 我的团队有所改变
My… as a basketball player, my team changed.
作为教练 我团队的表现
As a coach, the way my team respond
it changed, it is 120%.
我不想要你有所懈怠 有所顾忌 有所保留
I want you stop giving 70, stop giving 80, stop giving 90
and you deserve to see what would happen
if you gave 120%.
那么 在这21天的挑战里 我需要你做几件事
Alright alright… so a couple things I need you to do on this 21-day challenge.
第一 我需要你有远见
Right, the first thing I need you to do for me is I need you have a vision.
在这21天里 你需要有所规划
I need you to have a vision of… when you get to that 21-day.
What do you want?
What do you want to happen after that 21 days?
What… What is dying in your life?
现在 在你的生命中平庸意味着什么?
Look right now, what is… what is mediocrity look like in your life.
Look what is defeat look like in your life.
What What… What a limitation, what a boundaries look like in your life.
21天后 一切都会不一样 我的婚姻会不一样
In 21 days this won’t look like it, my marriage won’t look like this.
My grades won’t look like this.
Are you hearing me?
21天里 我们作为一个团队 共同收获
We’re gonna be better as a team, our outcomes are going 21 days.
我向你发起21天的挑战 首先 提出愿景
I challenge you 21 days, the first cast the vision.
21天后 你的人生会是怎么样的
What would your life look like after those 21 days?
21天 倾听我的声音 帮我一个忙
Listen to me do me a huge favor, 21 days
尽力做到最好 或者不做
do it right or don’t do it
是的 正如你听到我所说的
yep, you heard what I said
接下来的21天 要么做到最好 要么就不做
for the next 21 days, do it right or don’t do it.
Stop half doing stuff.
不要三天打鱼 两天晒网
Stop putting for 50% efforts, 60 for… look stop
要么做到最好 要么就什么都不做
do it right or just don’t do it at all.
Are you hearing me? Do it right!
When I started doing it right
that second book “greatness is upon you” look through it.
I did it right!
我不是纸上谈兵 而是做到了最好
I wasn’t just writing a book, I did it right!
如果你求知若渴 那就仔细地听我说
If you kinetic learning, listen to me very closely
答案就你面前 唾手可得
and you gotta touched up, I put it in there.
I… I went with whole thing guys.
Alright, I just didn’t go half do it.
看看这本书 充满了艺术
Look through the book, the artwork is in there.
The… The work stuff is in there.
只要你坚持不懈 成功就在眼前
So you can work it through, everything is in there.
不半途而废 勇往直前
I didn’t half do it, I did it right.
看我们的视频 我们不会中途退缩
Look at our videos, we don’t half doing they free.
我们不半途而废 不甘落后
But we don’t half do it, do number 2.
全力以赴 否则就不要做
Do it right or don’t do it at all.
第三 听我的
Number 3, listen to me.
No 21 days!
No excuse!
只有改变 没有借口
Only adjustment, no excuse!
I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to hear good excuses good reasons.
发生了什么 为什么你不能坚持?
What happened? Why you couldn’t do it?
I don’t want to hear.
I don’t wan… everybody got an excuse.
I don’t want to hear.
I don’t want to hear anything about this happening.
天气不好 或者没有足够的资金
The weather wasn’t right, it might get the finances
这样做 结果就不会如你所愿
and this didn’t come to what it was suppose to.
Well, that person is…No No… No, number 3, three things guys.
第一 规划好这21天
Number 1, cast a vision 21 days.
感到疲惫时 想想你的愿望
So when you get tired, you can keep looking at that vision.
要么做好 要么就不做
Do it right or do no do it at all.
你们在听我说话吗?最后 大家
Are you hearing me and finally guys.
不要找借口 只要不断改变
No excuses, just adjustments.


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