欢迎收看Vsauce 我是Jake 你现在看不到我但我的确在
Vsauce, I’m Jake and you can’t see me right now even though I am directly in front
由于这个房间里没有灯 也就没有能让你看到的可见光
Since there is no light in the room there is nothing in the visible spectrum for you
to see, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing here.
Let me show you…
使用红外热成像摄像机我们可以得到一个虚拟影像 它由热辐射线
Using a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera we get a visual representation of thermal radiation,
或叫做红外线 形成 热量转化为光释放出去
or infrared radiation, the heat transfer by the release of photons.
热摄像机会记录热值 即热效应
Thermal cameras report a temperature value, the effect of temperature.
它并不是拍到物体的可见光 而是检测到
Instead of seeing the visible light of an object, it estimates the infrared radiation
an object is emitting.
你可以说我的鼻子比我身体的其它部分温度低 还可以看到我周围的
And you can tell that my nose is colder than the rest of my body and you can see everything
每样东西 因为所有高于0开尔文的物体都在发光 0开尔文是一个我们永远达不到
around me, because everything above 0 kelvin, a temperature that we have never achieved
or witnessed, glows.
但通常情况下 因为物体发出的光不在可见光范围内 所以我们就看不到它
But generally we don’t see it since the emitted photons are not in our visible range.
它看上去就像是《铁血战士》中铁血战士的视角一样 那让我第一时间
Also it looks just like Predator vision from the movie Predator which is what inspired
me to borrow this camera in the first place.
Let’s turn the lights on for a second.
好的 一切又都正常了
Ok, everything looks normal again.
And I have a refreshing, cold beverage in an aluminum can.
你知道它是冰的是因为我是这么说 但如果回到热摄像机模式
You know it is cold because I just said it was but if we switch back to thermal mode,
you can see the extreme temperature disparity between my body and the can.
我手部的血液循环较差 所以它的温度低
Also I just have poor hand circulation which is why they are cold.
它看上去比较黑 是因为摄像机只能捕获光强 所以罐子上的商标就完全
It looks darker, and because it is reading the intensity, the label on the can is completely
如果我用它蹭我的头 温度立刻就发生了交换 就像是
If I rub it on my face, the temperature change is immediately noticeable, it’s almost like
是用温度画的画 相反当我不用这个摄像机时再用它蹭我的脸……看上去就像是我在
painting with temperature, whereas when I rub it on my face without the camera…I just
look like I have a thing for cans.
鉴于热摄像机如此有趣 我们打算用它做些实验
Thermal cameras are incredibly fun so we are going to do some experiments with it but before
但在这之前 [开易拉罐声] 让我来告诉你你将看到些什么 或者我该说 你看不到什么
we do, let’s talk about what you are seeing, or should I say, what you aren’t.
The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all light that exists.
光有两个基本性质 一个是频率 即每秒的波数
Two of the fundamental properties of light are frequency, the number of waves that pass
另一个是波长 即从一个波到另一个波的距离
by in a second, and then wavelength; the distance from the peak of one wave to the next.
波的能量越低 波长越长
T The less energetic the wave, the longer the wavelength.
波长越短 能量越高
The shorter the wavelength, the more energetic the wave.
能量最高的是伽马射线 x射线 紫外线 之后是我们范围很窄的
The most energetic being: gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, and then our small spectrum of
可见光 接着频率更低的有红外线 微波 无线电波
visible light, then things slow down and we have infrared, microwave, and radiowave.
当一个物体温度足够高时 发出的光会从红外线移到可见光范围
When an object gets hot enough it starts to bleed into the spectrum we see, moving from
infrared to visible.
You can see this with the hot door handle in my video Could You Survive Home Alone.
它开始发光 它达到了熔点997华氏度 在熔点温度时几乎
It becomes incandescent. It hits the Draper Point, 977F, the temperature at which almost
all solid materials glow.
And the infrared spectrum isn’t the only range technology has allowed us to witness.
利用天文望远镜可以看到伽马射线 x射线 紫外线 微波
There are telescopes that can see gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet wavelengths, microwave
and radio waves.
当我们看这些图片时 我们看到的只是伪彩色 是用可见光表现出来的
And when we see these images, we are seeing false color, a representation of the invisible
但它并不能向我们的裸眼展现出星球 星云或是太阳系究竟什么样子
spectrum but it doesn’t show what the star, nebula, or solar system would actually looks
如果只展现出部分光谱 我们是没办法真正看出来
like to our naked eye. Since we are being shown parts of the spectrum we’d never see.
Take this image by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. This
is a false color image.
事实上拍到的照片是这样 3张照片分别是在软x射线 硬x射线 超硬x射线下得到的
What is actually captured is this….3 images in the soft, medium, and hard x-ray band.
你甚至可以从钱德拉官网下载一些未处理过的x光照片 制作属于你自己的
You can even download some raw x-ray files from the Chandra website and create your own
伪彩色合成图 如果你想做的话
false color composites if you wanna give it a go.
在最新的《DONG》中我会演示如何去制做 在线观看的朋友可以转到《DONG》频道去
I show how to do it in the latest DONG, do online now guys, episode over on the DONG
channel, link in the description.
回到热摄像机 这有一个常见的误区 认为它可以让我们透视
Back to Thermal cameras, there is a common misconception that they allow us to see through
举个栗子 如果我们看这面墙 我们可以看到钉子
For example if we look at this wall we can see the studs, the wooden
木梁 这些都在墙里 而我们实际上只是看到墙和木梁
beams, that are on the inside, when really we are just seeing the difference in heat
between the wall and the beams.
我们可以感受到物体的辐射率 也就是物体发出热辐射的能力
We can get a glimpse at an object’s emissivity, that is how well an object emits thermal radiation.
热辐射最强的是黑体 能吸收所有光
A perfect emitter is Black Body, an object which absorbs all light.
它既不反射 也不透光
It doesn’t reflect it or allow light to pass through.
类似于绝对零度 它也是没有见过且不能达到的
And similarly to absolute zero, it is something we have yet to witness or achieve.
Let’s try something else…
如果我用一个塑料袋把自己罩住 你就看不到我了 但我却能透过它看到你 因为
If I take a mylar blanket, and cover myself with it, you can’t see me anymore but I can see you through it because
即使是薄薄的塑料膜也能反射热 使我藏起来
even though this is a thin plastic sheet, it is heat reflective so I’m hidden.
但如果我拿一个普通的黑色塑料板 像这个
But if we take a normal plastic sheet like this black square, like this plastic one here,
you can start to see my heat radiate through the object.
Pretty neat!
– 它相当得酷- 但你知道什么更酷吗?
– Now that is pretty cool- But you know what’s cooler than that?
What’s cooler than that Ian?
废物 恶心人的东西
Garbage. The gross stuff.
所以 Ian 这是真的垃圾
So, Ian, this is just actual garbage.
Or is it?
(≧∇≦)/ Vsauce 我是Michael
Hey Vsauce, Michael here!
做包的塑料是不透光的 你不能透视它
The plastic, this bag is made of, is opaque to visible light, you can’t see through
it, but it is transparent to infrared light.
The infrared radiation coming off my skin passes right through it into the camera.
我要叫它垃圾教育 [笑声]
Now that’s what I call garbageducational.
Sort of a rubbish pun though.
所以正如你看到的 虽然你实际上看透Michael的眼镜……看上去更像是
So as you can see you can’t really see through Michael’s glasses…they look more like
Pretty Interesting.
Glass acts differently in thermal vision.
通常情况下如果我关上这扇玻璃门 [关门声] 你仍然可以看到我 它是透明的
Normally if I close this glass door…you can still see me. It’s transparent.
但如果我们打开门再关上它 [关门声] 当我们透过热摄像机看时
But if we open the door and close it again while looking through the thermal camera it
它变得不透明了 再也看不到我
becomes opaque, I’m no longer visible.
实际上你可以看到另一边我们了不起的摄影师Eric Langlay
And in fact you can see our wonderful cameraman Eric Langlay on the other side.
玻璃设计允许可见光透过 而隔绝热或者说红外线
Glass is designed to pass visible wavelengths and block thermal or infrared for insulation.
不仅如此 像塑料袋 你可以看到玻璃反射
Not only that, but just like the mylar blanket, you’re seeing the reflection on the glass
as well as the window glazing.
抢答:如果不能透过热摄像机看见玻璃 那么你
Quick side note: If you can’t see glass through a thermal camera, then how can you
see anything since traditionally lenses are made from glass?
嗯 那是因为热镜头使用锗元素代替传统
Well, that’s because thermal lenses use the element germanium instead of the traditional
glass lenses.
所以藏在一扇窗户后面是一个好办法 可以用来躲避使用热或
So hiding behind a window would be a great way to hide from something with thermal or
infrared vision.
不过 电影《铁血战士》告诉我们另一个方法
But, the movie Predator tells us that there is another way.
So to recreate the scene in Predator where Arnold Schwarzenegger covers himself in mud
让使用热视力的铁血战士看不到自己 我们需要一些准备:三个
and makes himself invisible to the Predator’s thermal vision we need a few things: three
strapping young man, a bucket full of mud, and Ian shirtless.
我行 我不是一般人(^ρ^)/
I can do that.
但在其它两样东西之前 我们想先向你演示一下
But before we begin there are two other things we wanted to show you.
一个气球 [吹气球声] 但当它吹起来的时候你可以透过它
A balloon, but when it is inflated you can see through it.
Isn’t that incredible.
Look at that.
之后是另一个有趣的事 如果你想“用热画画” 盖住其他表面
And then another fun thing to do, if you wanna “draw with heat”, grab any kind of surface,
例如这个好奇箱 如你所见它装饰着很多五颜六色的图案
in this case the Curiosity Box, and as you can see it is very colorful has images and
但在热摄像机下什么都看不到 直到……
stuff but in thermal vision there is nothing there until.
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Oh yeah.
摩擦产生热量 虽然我看不到
That friction is making some heat, I can’t see it though.
But now you can!
It says Inq who is the mascot for the Curiosity Box.
Vsauce出品的好奇箱 最有趣的箱子现在可以订购了
The Curiosity Box by Vsauce, the Best Of box is shipping right now for new subscribers.
它装满了由Vsauce的小伙伴准备的惊奇物品 是一个
It is filled with amazing stuff curated by the Vsauce fellas and it is a great way to
support your brain growth and also to support Alzheimer’s research.
Soooo uh…let’s get your clothes off.
好吧( ̄_ ̄ )
Ok, let’s do it.
Do you really want me to get naked right here?
Yeah, it’s cool.
快点( ^ω^)
You just do you.
憋哔哔 快脱
Well don’t do you, do what we say.
Should the glasses come off?
嗯 把眼镜也摘了
Yeah take the glasses off.
Maybe put your hair back a little bit.
动手吧 不用告诉我
Whatever you do don’t warn me.
你知道吗 我听说刷墙前应该先用砂纸打磨一下
You know I hear when you’re painting a wall you want to sandpaper it before hand.
Maybe we coulda done something like that to me.
Is it cold?
Just a touch.
Let’s get ya on the ground.
好( ̄_ ̄ )
Oh that’s great.
脸 我们应该把脸挡上
The face we need to cover the face.

Yeah, make sure you do the face.
把泥拍在上面太爽了|( ̄3 ̄)|
That is really satisfying slapping the mud on.
We’ll keep an air hole.
Should we get a straw?
Is this like a certified mudbath?
A certified Vsauce mudbath?
So it kind of worked!
盖在他身上的泥巴隐藏了他身体的温度 可以看到
Everything covered in this mud mixture is hiding his body temperature and you can see
the parts that aren’t…are still radiating.
这很有效 但也因为它很凉 对吗
But it was pretty effective, but that could also be because this is pretty cold, right
是的 非常凉
Yeah, it is fairly cold.
这不是很科学 我只是想用泥盖住Ian 所以就这么做了
This really isn’t very scientific I just wanted to cover Ian in mud so we did it.
所以 这是一个有趣的实验 是吧?O(≧∇≦)O
So, this was a fun experiment, right guys?
是的(ㄒoㄒ) 很有趣
Yeah, real fun.
请关注iDubbbzTV 那是Ian的频道
Be sure to check out iDubbbzTV it is Ian’s channel.
He is a fantastic young, very young, talent.
Thanks mate.
最后 依旧感谢您的收看
And, as always, thanks for watching.


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